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Professional Services Consultant

Contact us with any questions


Contact us with any questions


Social Services

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After more than 17 years of working with Social Security, Health & Human Services and other related agencies, Neeknam Group has gained extensive knowledge in resolving variety of case problems, denials and other challenges facing applicants. ​

We have been in San Diego County for almost two decade, actively assisting our clients from various ethnicities and backgrounds and now offer our services through out Orange County as well as Riverside and San Bernardino.

Let us help you with your Benefits


With Neeknam Group clients are assured of accurate, swift and dependable service.​

Individuals choosing us as their social services consultant, will be given a thorough interview discussing vital elements to ensure their qualifications for government benefits.

If qualified, clients are provided with a list of documentations by our office to be submitted  to the government agency for their case review. 

Neeknam specialists accompany our clients every step of the way including at the interview until a satisfactory outcome is reached. 

Social Services policies create a complicated and challenging maze that going through it without an expert, can be costly and time consuming.  

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We offer the following services:

  • Social Security Retirement Benefits

  • Supplement Security Income

  • Medi-Cal & Medicare

  • Children and Infant Insurance

  • Disability Benefits

  • Welfare Benefits

  • Refugee Benefits

  • Food Stamp

  • Dental Insurance 

  • Home Health Services

  • Low Cost internet and Cable

  • Low Cost Cell Phone

  • Cash Assistance for Immigrants 

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Call  for a Dependable Service



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Neeknam Immigration sector, with nearly two decades of experience and a solid track record in variety of Immigration forms, from Family Based immigrant visas to Business and Employment, is ready to assist our clients and walk them through the complex maze of immigration polices and requirements for filing petitions.

As we are not a Law Office and can not provide legal advice, we proudly collaborate with different immigration attorneys specialized in related cases taken by our office.

To Reach Expert Assistance Call


Immigration Forms we Specialize in

For Parents, Siblings, Children, Step Children, Adopted Children

For Parents, Siblings, Children, Step Children, Adopted Children

 Family Based Petitions 

For Spouses and  Fiances

 Marriage Based Petitions 

To study in credited United State Universities

 Student Visa Applications 

Due to Marriage or Investment

Removal of Conditional  Residency 

Expiring Soon, Lost, Stolen Damaged

Green Card Renewal

Changing one Visa Category  to Another

  Adjustment of Status 

Testing, Medical Exemption & other Related Matters


Proof of Financial Competency based on USCIS Policy

  Affidavit of Support 

Based on Parent's Citizenship Status

  Children's Citizenship Certificate 

Travel outside US with Refugee or other Special visas

  Travel Documents  

With Qualifying Visas or Status

  Employment Authorization 

Send your forms with assurance of accuracy



It's proven that two major components of reliable and proficient translation services are accuracy and timeliness.

At Neekenam Group we thrive to implement these two elements in our business and go above and beyond to deliver your documents accurately and on time. Our translators are certified by the American Translators Association and ensure that your documents are translated accurately.

Academic Records
  • Primary, Secondary & High School  Transcripts

  • Grade Transcripts 

  • Graduate and Post-Graduate Degrees

  •  Medical Degrees of    all Specialties

Immigration & Legal Documents

Legal translation 3.jpg
  • Immigration & NVC Supporting Documents

  • Court Orders 

  • Other Legal Documents

medical-translation .jpg
  • Medical Transcripts

  • Medical History

  • Clinical Reports

  • Progress Reports

  • Medical Test Results

  • Operative Report

  • Other Medical  Reports

Medical Transcripts
Civil Documents
  • Birth Certificates

  • Marriage Certificates

  • Divorce Decrees

  • Death Certificates

  • Military Records

  • Police Certificate

  • Prison Records

For Accurate & Quick Results Contact us



At Neeknam Group we are proud to provide a safe and secure system for our clients to upload their official papers from Social Services, Immigration or any foreign language papers requiring translation, directly to us. This increases the efficiency and turnaround time as well as preventing any errors in forwarding your personalize and confidential documents to an incorrect email.

Social Services

Upload your Social Services documents in pdf 


Upload the documents requiring translation in pdf


Upload your Immigration documents in pdf

Other Documents

Upload the other documents in pdf

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Select a File
Select a File
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Contact us with any questions



Neeknam Group

PO Box 609060,

San Diego, CA. 92126

Tel: 619-990-0466

Fax: 858-408-3285



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