Social Security Services

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After 17 years of working with Social Security, Health & Human Services and other related agencies, Neeknam Group has extensive knowledge in resolving variety of case problems, denials and other challenges facing applicants. ​

We have been in San Diego County for more than two decades, actively assisting our clients of various ethnicities and backgrounds and now offer our services through out Orange County as well as Riverside and San Bernardino.

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With Neeknam Group clients are assured of accurate, swift and dependable service.​

Individuals choosing us as their social services consultant, will be given a thorough interview discussing vital elements to ensure their qualifications for government benefits.


If qualified, clients are provided a list of documentations by our office, to submit for government agency's review at the time of their interview.


Our specialists assist our clients at every step of the way including at the interview and

advise them of the estimated processing time as well as other important information to be aware of to prevent any interruptions in their benefits.

Our Services
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  • Social Security Retirement Benefits

  • Supplement Security Income

  • Medi-Cal & Medicare

  • Covered California (Obamacare)

  • Children and Infant Insurance

  • Disability Benefits

  • Welfare Benefits

  • Refugee Benefits

  • Food Stamp

  • Dental Insurance 

  • Home Health Services

  • Low Cost internet and Cable

  • Low Cost Cell Phone

  • Cash Assistance for Immigrants 

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